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VMQ silicone compounds

With an extension of 5000 m2, equipped with 4 open mill lines and 4 closed mixers and 2 extrusion dies, we are able to supply batches from a minimum of 20 kg up to tens of tons, in different colors, both peroxide or platinum cured, with 100% quality control. The maximum capacity of the plant is over 6000 T/year.

VMQ Silicone Rubber Compounds

Welcome to our Silicone Plant, where the production of VMQ silicone rubber compounds is at the center of our activity. With an area of 5000 m2 dedicated exclusively to the production of these compounds, TSF is able to supply batches from a minimum of 20 kg up to tens of tonnes, in different colours, with both peroxide and platinum cure systems, with a 100% quality control.

The maximum capacity is over 6000 T/year, making us a leader in the sector. The production of VMQ rubber compounds is a process that requires precision, competence and attention to detail. Thanks to 4 open mill lines, 4 closed mixers and 2 extruders, we are able to manage a wide range of requests, always maintaining high quality standards. Every batch of compounds is subjected to rigorous quality control, ensuring that every product that leaves our factory lives up to our customers’ expectations. At TSF, we believe that service quality is as important as product quality. For this reason, our staff is highly qualified and constantly trained to maintain and improve the skills necessary for the production of rubber compounds. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent service, responding to the needs of our customers with professionality and expertise. The production of VMQ rubber compounds also requires the use of cutting-edge machinery. At TSF, we constantly invest in new technologies and equipments to ensure our efficient, precise and up to the highest standards production. This commitment to innovation allows us to remain at the forefront in VMQ rubber compounds manufacturing. At TSF, the production of VMQ compounds is more than a process, it is a passion. We strive to providing our customers with high quality products that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Thank you for choosing TSF, your trusted partner for the production of rubber compounds. We invite you to explore our site to learn more about our production and services. We are sure that you will find in TSF a reliable and competent partner for all your needs.


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