Production of rubber compounds

TSF was founded in 1984 and over these years has increasingly specialized in the design, production and sale of special rubber compounds, gaining a prominent position in its reference market thanks to a constant and committed policy of quality at the highest levels and to its own ability to serve a very flexible market, also anticipating its needs.

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Our Certifications testify to our commitment to quality, sustainability and safety, giving evidence to our dedication to providing products of excellence in the rubber industry.


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A team of experts offers custom recipe design and development for molding, extrusion, calendering and tube manufacturing. We use high quality manufacturing facilities to mix compounds for petrochemical and automotive specifications and for safety applications. Recent investments in new clean rooms allow us to offer ultra-pure and food grade materials.


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Production of rubber compounds

TSF is your trusted choice for manufacturing specialty rubber compounds. We are proud to be a point of reference in the market, thanks to our specialization in the production of high quality elastomeric compounds. Our offer is characterized by three types of elastomeric materials: Fluorinated, Silicone and Perfluorinated, each produced with care and competence. Furthermore, we are able to develop and manufacture specific formulations on customer request, demonstrating our flexibility and our commitment to meet individual needs. The production of Fluorinated rubber compounds is a strong point of TSF. These compounds are well known for their resistance to extreme temperatures and various types of fluids, making them ideal for use in sectors such as automotive, aerospace and chemical.

Our production of silicone rubber compounds is impressive as well. These materials are appreciated for their flexibility at both very high and very low temperatures, as well as for their resistance to ozone and UV rays. These properties make them suitable for a wide range of applications, from electronics to food industry. TSF is also a leading manufacturer of Perfluorinated rubber compounds. These elastomeric materials are well known for their outstanding chemical resistance and ability to withstand extremely high temperatures. Therefore they are often used in critical applications such as gaskets and seals in highly orrosive environments. TSF is proud to use clean rooms for the production of rubber compounds with special purity requirements. This allows to reach the highest quality and consistency of the product, avoiding contamination and guaranteeing flexibility in production. Our production is organized in separate lines, an approach that allows us to respond quickly to the customer needs and to adapt our production to specific requests. This allowed us to build a reputation for reliability and to supply products with high technological value able to meet for instance the specifications of the automotive sector. At TSF, our mission is to provide high quality special compounds manufactured to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. We are committed to maintaining our leading position in the market by pursuing innovation and improvement of our production. Thank you for choosing TSF, your trusted partner for the production of special rubber compounds. We invite you to explore our site to learn more about our capabilities and services. A team of expert technologists is available to the market to design and develop customized recipes designed to the specific needs of the customer for both compression and injection molding, extrusion of profiles and cables, calendering. This service is an integral part of our production, as it allows us to offer tailor-made solutions meeting the specific needs of each customer. The production of rubber compounds is not limited to the product making, but also includes the design of formulations for hoses, rubber-to-metal bonding, coating of rollers, and much more. This allows us to offer a full range of products and services. Our structure of over 32,000 square meters houses production facilities capable of guaranteeing extremely high quality standards. Our flagship products include compounds for safety, with approvals according to EN 45545, UL 94 V0, etc. A vast portfolio of compounds for the main automotive and petrochemical specifications. Recent investments include three new ISO 6 and ISO 8 clean rooms for production of rubber compounds for semicon, ultra pure, food use, etc. These structures allow us to guarantee the highest quality, according to the highest standards of purity and safety. We are committed to providing our customers with the best products possible, and to continuing to innovate and improve in every aspect our manufacturing. Thank you for choosing TSF, your trusted partner for the production of specialty rubber compounds.